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Teak Windscreen


This stylish teak screen acts as both a room divider and a windscreen for your outdoor living area. Crafted from the most durable teak for outdoor use, this screen creates an intimate space in any size backyard.

Dimensions: H 72 in x ?W 60 in ?x D 8 in.

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Out of stock


The wooden fence Outdoor living Teak Windscreen is perfect for your garden. This windscreen is built up of most durable teak for outdoor use slats mounted on a metal frame. This teak windscreen gives you the necessary privacy where you want it and in the same time gives your garden, room or office a modern style. It is available in the color Brandy brown with 2 black metal legs of 40cm. It’s crafted from the most durable teak for outdoor use. Its dimensions are: height 185cm, length 153cm and width 8cm.

Weight 41kg

Material: metal and teak wood